Lynne & Donald’s Autumn Wedding at the Buchanan Arms, Drymen

Lynne & Donald’s wedding was everything we’d hoped for and a little bit more!  When we first met I’d loved the sound of what Lynne had planned, her colour pallet for the girls dresses and flowers were spot on for their autumnal weddings.  On our last meeting before their wedding Donald let us into a secret that he had a few tricks up his sleeve too.  After someone joked about them having a Mariachi  Band and Lynne had said no way he decided to do his own take, so with that and all their details including the amazing lego centre pieces we loved photographing it and to top it all off we had beautiful light all day.  Thank you so much for having us along to capture it all we had a ball!

Donald & Lynne-010Donald & Lynne-017Donald & Lynne-022Donald & Lynne-039Donald & Lynne-044Donald & Lynne-068Donald & Lynne-076Donald & Lynne-084Donald & Lynne-090Donald & Lynne-115Donald & Lynne-136Donald & Lynne-149Donald & Lynne-179Donald & Lynne-181Donald & Lynne-185Donald & Lynne-188Donald & Lynne-190Donald & Lynne-202Donald & Lynne-206Donald & Lynne-212Donald & Lynne-217Donald & Lynne-219Donald & Lynne-227Donald & Lynne-250Donald & Lynne-334Donald & Lynne-343Donald & Lynne-346Donald & Lynne-363Donald & Lynne-372Donald & Lynne-374Donald & Lynne-376Donald & Lynne-395Donald & Lynne-409Donald & Lynne-429Donald & Lynne-430Donald & Lynne-449Donald & Lynne-456Donald & Lynne-461Donald & Lynne-463Donald & Lynne-482Donald & Lynne-512Donald & Lynne-524Donald & Lynne-555Donald & Lynne-559Donald & Lynne-573

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