My name is Sam. Your pictures are fab and we would like to enter your competition please.
My fella Mike asked me to marry him a couple of months ago. We are planning a low budget DIY, festival style retro wedding here in Manchester.
The date of our wedding is the 14th Jun 2014
Venue: Islington Mill, Salford – which is an old cotton mill which is very close to Manchester City Centre.
A bit about us…
We’re both 32, we met at the bus stop outside the Palace Hotel in Manchester whilst we were both waiting for the 86 night bus home. We had both been clubbing that night and were a bit tipsy. We sat on opposite seats and had a drunken chat about Morrissey and the Smiths and the rest is history. That was 6 years ago.
We live in a village called ‘Chorlton cum Hardy’ in Manchester with our two cats – Steven Patrick Morrissey II and Percy Plant. We both work at the University of Manchester though Mike will be starting his PhD in sustainable design in September at Lancaster University.
Mike asked me to marry him 2 months ago in London; when he took me to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A – it was all a surprise. He picked the ring himself – a beautiful art deco style diamond platinum ring, he carried it ring about with him for 3 months before he asked me. It was perfect, I couldn’t have picked a better ring myself and it makes it more special that he found it himself. I think he found it pretty stressful but it’s all worth it as we both adore the ring.
Our plans……
We want the day to be laid back like a festival, it is going to be mostly DIY – I am making the cake and Mike is designing the invitations (and the save the date – see attached) and we will decorate the rooms ourselves. We are getting married in an old cotton mill in Salford – lots of red brick and wooden beams with a pretty bunting draped cobbled courtyard and gourmet street food vans parked outside. Our taste is very modernist/ Bauhaus with a bit of sixties kitsch. The venue is home to a lot of gigs and artist studios and is very much our style.
We are having a short humanist ceremony followed by some smooth grooves into the early hours. He is prog rock and I am psychedelic sixties but we have met somewhere in the middle to ensure our musical tastes are reflected. There will be soul, funk, disco, rock, indie and folk and lots of sambuca.
Our style is quite retro, Mike is very hippie seventies and I am a bit more mod sixties and these will be the themes of the party. We hope to have colourful lanterns, retro props and a pinball machine.
I have attached a save the date card and a couple of photos of us so you can get a sense of who we are.
We actually hope to ‘officially’ tie the knot on Elvis’s estate in Graceland or in Vegas but we need to have something for our family and especially for my Mum as she was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in February and is already in poor health.
Plus we can’t afford the States yet, we are hoping this will be our honeymoon and intend to have our ‘mini-moon’ at Glastonbury the weekend following the wedding – if we get tickets.
Why you should pick us….
Because the photos really matter to us, we want the right photos that reflect us and our style. Mike did a degree in photography so it’s really important to him too; he would rather not have a photographer at all than have the wrong one. Quite simply, I am not sure we can afford one at all on our budget at all as Mike is going back to University.
We are paying for the wedding ourselves and are hoping to buy a house this year. We have had a terrible year with my Mum’s diagnosis, we want to have something we can look back on and smile at. Our engagement has been a much needed injection of good news in our family and we really want to capture the day.