Julie & Richard’s day at Solsgirth House really was  amazing and by the end of the day we had developed a soft spot for both of them.  Totally genuine and down to earth these two are meant for each other, they made our job really easy as they were so natural together.  Thanks to all their friends and family for welcoming us into the celebrations and to Julie & Richard for having us along to capture the day.  So my sneak peeks are getting a bit longer these days but when I heard that Richard is heading back to Sydney for work and I know they want to see their photographs together I couldn’t resist adding in  a few extra.  Hope you like! A & D x

We worked with a lot of great suppliers on this one, highly recommend them all!  Ann Marie McElroy Pro Bridal Scotland, Laura Dawson Make up, Little Botanica, The Riffreshers, Capella String Quartet and RPL Video

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